1. Common Pests of Trees

    In this region, there are several pests and diseases that can negatively affect the health and appearance of trees.

  2. Dutch Elm Disease

  3. Pest, Weed & Disease Centre

    Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date information related to pests, weeds and disease that affect agriculture and related areas in the Municipal District of Taber.

  4. Weed Watch

  5. Province of Alberta Acts

    The Agricultural Service Board adheres to the following Government of Alberta Acts.

  6. Fire Permit Application

    To apply for a fire permit, please fill out the information as outlined.

  7. Tree Spraying Request

  8. Documents & Forms

    The following forms are provided to you by the Agricultural Service Board for your convenience.

  9. FAQs

    View frequently asked questions regarding agriculture.