Residential Services & Fees

As a resident of the Municipal District of Taber we hope you find this section useful in gathering information on some of our more common residential services. Common Services and fees have been categorized by department please follow the department links to further information.
Administration Office
Service Fee
Property Information Free for Land Owners
Tax Certificate $40 per parcel
Tax Search $20 per parcel
Tax and Assessment Search $20 per parcel
Compliance and Zoning Letter $40 per parcel
Real Estate Purchase Deposit
  • Non Refundable
  • Payable at the time of offer
  • Deposit applied to purchase upon acceptance of offer and completion of sale
$500 per parcel

Planning & Development

Development Application $100.00 Single Family Only
Letter or Certificate of Compliance $40.00 per Parcel
Subdivision Application Fee  $700.00 per application + $325.00 per lot
Subdivision lot endorsement Fee $200.00 per lot
Subdivision extension fee $325.00
 Service  Fee
Sales list for any 12 month period $150.00 per list
Sales list for any 6 month period $80.00 per list
Assessment Detail Information Request
(form 299 or form 300)
     -Farmland $50.00 per Roll Number
     -Residential (3 or fewer dwellings) $50.00 per Roll Number
     -Residential (4 or more dwellings) $75.00 per Roll Number
     -Non Residential (including Machinery and
$250.00 per Roll Number
Farmland Assessment Appeal Fee $50.00 per Roll Number
Residential (3 or fewer dwellings) Assessment Appeal Fee $325.00 per Roll Number
Non-Residential (including machinery and equipment) Assessment Appeal Fee $650.00 per Roll Number

Public Works - Transportation

 Service / Item
Road Top Calcium $500 per 400 feet of calcium applied
($1.25 for each additional foot, up to a max of 750 linear feet total)
Airport Tie-Down Fees $30 per month per aircraft
(occupation of any tie down location by the same aircraft for more than 10 days
in any given month at the Taber or
Vauxhall airport constitutes the right of the municipality to issue a 1 month charge
to the aircraft owner)
TRAVIS MJ Road Permit $20 per permit issued
Right of Way Crossings, Proximity Permits, Approach Permits

i. Texas Gate Permit (application) $50
ii. Road Crossings (irrigation, seer, electrical, oil
and gas pipelines)
iii. Approaches (New) $100
iv. Approaches (Existing - widen or move) $50
v. Utility Consents $50
vi. Proximity Consents $50
vii. Seismic Consents (per road crossing) $50

Utilities & Garbage

 Service   Fee
Water - Hamlet of Hays $55.00 per 22.7 cubic meters per month $1.87/m3 over 22.7m3
Water - Hamlet of Grassy Lake $57.00 per 22.7 cubic meters per month $1.87/m3 over 22.7m3
Water - Hamlet of Enchant $55.00 per 22.7 cubic meters per month $1.87/m3 over 22.7m3
Hamlet of Grassy Lake Residential & Commercial Garbage pick up  $10.00/month
Water & Sewer Turn on or Turn off $50.00
 Special Monthly Sewer & Water Rates may apply to Schools and Parks, inquiries should be made at our main office.

GIS Mapping
Service Fee
Environmental Farm Plan Air Photos $2 per 8.5 by 11 inch page
Municipal Wall or Book Map Purchase $20 each
Custom Map Layouts $60 per hour
Printing Large Format (up to 36 inch wide) $20 per page
Printing Small Format (up to 11 by 17) $6 per page
Custom Map Printing $15 per print

Agricultural Service Board
Tree Sprayer Rental $200 per 150-gallon tank with spray
Tree Planting  $40.00 per hour
Trap Rental  $15.00 per week
Gopher Control  $25.00 per day
Skunk Trap Use 1 week $15.00 per week
Skunk Trap Buy $60.00 each