Common Pests of Trees

Many landowners and homeowners are recognizing the importance and value of trees in their yards. Trees are a defining characteristic of rural farm yards and homes on the prairies, and many have been on the property for generations. They help to beautify and provide shelter to a yard. They also provide habitat for birds and other animals.

A tall, mature tree can take decades to become well established, and if not properly cared for, can become quite expensive to maintain and even more so to replace. However, if care and attention are given to trees, they can be very beneficial to the landowner and the yard, and will continue to live for many more decades. For example, poplar trees can live 50 years and a spruce tree can live for 200 years or more!

Local Pests
In this region, there are several pests and diseases that can negatively affect the health and appearance of trees. These pests can be found in both deciduous (leaf bearing) and coniferous (needle and cone bearing) trees. A pest is any living organism that can cause damage or injury to people or property, reduce economic yield, or interfere with regular human activities.

Through various methods and means, pests of trees can be maintained and controlled. The first step towards maintenance and control is identifying the type of pest that is present. Listed below are some common pests of this region, how to identify them, and potential control measures.
Spraying Services
The Agricultural Service Board of the Municipal District of Taber provides a tree spraying service to residents. Trained individuals can come to your yard and assist you in identifying any pests that are affecting your trees. After identifying the pest, they will discuss potential treatment options with you. If an insecticide application is the best option to control the pest, several different products can be used to provide the best and most effective pest management and control. If you have any questions about this tree spraying service or about any potential pests in your trees, please feel free to contact the Agricultural Service Board and request tree spraying here