Area Attractions

Many activities are available within the Municipal District of Taber boundaries:

 Biking Boating
 Camping Fishing
Golfing Hiking
Motocross Swimming

We are pleased to provide you with some information on our municipal parks as well as the activities that are available at each.  We have some great places to relax, unwind and have a great deal of fun!

Also check out for MD of Taber and Area.
  1. Enchant Municipal Park

    Learn information about the Enchant Municipal Park.

  2. Grand Forks Park & Campground

    Discover information about the Grand Forks Park and Campground.

  3. Hays Campground

    Access information about the Hays Campground.

  4. Municipal District of Taber Park

    Find information about the Municipal District of Taber Park.

  5. Vauxhall - Lions Park

    Obtain information about the Vauxhall - Lions Park.