Reeve's Report

Overland Flooding Repairs Costly

Brian Brewin 2016 reeves ramblins photo

The overland flooding early this year surely dictated the actions of many – from cropping plans to municipal projects the weather and the effects of the spring overland flooding has impacted us all.

Despite the delay in spring seeding it appears as if the crops have matured quickly with the very warm temperatures – in some cases the very dry conditions will affect yields. In the irrigation areas the water has been flowing steady.

During the event 58 culverts were damaged to the point of requiring replacement, 78 new culvert locations and 424 section of road were damaged. To date our crews have replaced or installed 37 significant culver structures and have completed repairs on 400 sections of road. Additionally contractors have completed an additional dozen large projects. From a peak of 260 miles of roads closed to 2 today we have made significant progress in restoring municipal infrastructure and will continue to work to improve it.

The costs related to the overland flooding was significant - $1.6 million. As well the costs to private property owners was equally large. The M.D. of Taber has made an application to the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program for funding to assist in the repairs of municipal infrastructure and if approved citizens affected by the overland flooding may be able to make application to the province under a Disaster Recovery Program should our application be approved. As part of the criteria the provincial disaster committee seeks to determine if the event was significant regionally and that weather data supports the request for funding.

I’d like to congratulate Tom and Darla Machacek on being the MD of Taber nominee’s and recipient of the BMO Farm Family Award at the Calgary Stampede this year.

Congratulations to the Taber Handibus Association who will be receiving their new bus in the coming weeks. The M.D. of Taber contributed funds to the purchase of this bus.

The province recently announced that a bus service will begin operating between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat (and points in between) in the coming months as part of the Rural Transportation Pilot program. The two-year program will evaluate the need and use of establishing a scheduled bus service in the area.

We’d like to thank all of the athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers and organizers of the recent Southern Alberta Summer games which recently concluded. It was a great event.

As we are all aware the issue of rural crime continues to be an issue for us all. We invite all of our residents to be vigilant and to report suspicious behaviour if observed in our area. Much of the crime which is occurring in rural Alberta is a result of both drug use, thieves and criminals travelling from one area to another randomly committing crime as the opportunity arises as well as a permissive judicial system which permits repeat offenders to commit crime after crime without feeling the consequences. Rural citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated with this issue and law enforcement, the province and federal officials must begin addressing the roots of this issue: crimes committed to support drug use and repeat offenders.

I wish you a successful harvest season.


Brian Brewin