South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP or Regional Plan) is a legislative instrument developed pursuant to section 13 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA).  The SSRP uses a cumulative effect management approach to set policy direction for municipalities to achieve desired environmental, economic, and social outcomes within the South Saskatchewan Region until 2024.  A community’s statutory plans (IDPs, MDP and ASPs) must comply with the SSRP, which came into effect September 1, 2014.

The SSRP has four key parts including the Introduction, Strategic Plan, Implementation Plan and Regulatory Details Plan.  The Regional Plan is guided by the vision, outcomes and intended directions set by the Strategic Plan portion of the SSRP while the Implementation Plan establishes the objectives and the strategies that will be implemented to achieve the regional vision.  Pursuant to Section 15(1) of ALSA, the Regulatory Details of the SSRP are enforceable as law and bind the Crown, decision-makers, local governments and all other persons while the remaining portions are statements of policy to inform and are not intended to have binding legal effect.

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