Area Structure Plans

Area Structure Plans

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) establishes the framework for subsequent subdivision and development within a particular area of the municipality and addresses matters such as:

  • Sequence of Development
  • Servicing and Utilities
  • Proposed Land Uses
  • Drainage Control
  • Population Density
  • Environmental Considerations.
  • Transportation Routes
  • Development Standards
  • Municipal Reserve
  • Other matters defined in the MDP, applicable IDP, or
    specific to the individual application deemed necessary by council

Authorized by the Municipal Government Act, a municipality may require an applicant to prepare an ASP in advance of undertaking subdivision and development.  An ASP is typically required for all grouped country residential developments and grouped industrial developments in the M.D of Taber and may be a requirement of any application for redesignation, multi-lot subdivision, significant development, or as required by the M.D of Taber Council or the M.D. of Taber Subdivision and Development Authority.

An Area Structure Plan is adopted by bylaw by the M.D. of Taber Council and is to be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Government Act and the policies of the M.D. of Taber Municipal Development Plan, applicable Intermunicipal Development Plan, M.D. of Taber Land Use Bylaw, and other applicable planning related policies and bylaws.  An ASP must be consistent with the M.D. of Taber Municipal Development Plan and South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Once adopted by council, an ASP serves as a statutory plan and subsequent subdivision and development must be consistent with the ASP.  Amendment of an ASP requires a public hearing and adoption of the amendment by council. 

The following ASPs have been adopted in the M.D. of Taber and serve as the framework for subdivision and development within those areas in addition to the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw and applicable planning related policies and bylaws:

Grouped Country Residential Area Structure Plans (ASP)

Bylaw 1515

Rio Vista Estates ASP

E½ 19, W½ 20, SW¼ 29, SE¼ 30 10-16-4

Bylaw 1572

Crandall Addition ASP

Portion of NE¼ 36-9-17-4

Bylaw 1575

Horseshoe Estates ASP

Portion of NE¼ 36-9-17-4

Bylaw 1632

Coulee Ridge Acres ASP

Portion of S½ 1-10-18-4

Bylaw 1642

Rex Schneider ASP

SW¼ 1-10-17-4

Bylaw 1644

Recreational Developments ASP

SW¼ 34-8-18-4

Bylaw 1683

Shockey O.D. ASP

NW¼ 17, NE¼ 18 & part of closed road in Twp 10-16-4 

Bylaw 1700

Darcy Miller ASP

NW¼ 21-9-16-4

Bylaw 1739

Grasslands ASP

Portion of SW¼ 36-9-17-4

Bylaw 1778

Scott Davidson ASP

Portion of SE¼ 28-9-16-4 ( Lots 1-4, Block 3 Plan 0810413) 

Bylaw 1779

909498 Alta Ltd (Rodwell) ASP

Portion of LSD 5 & 6 in SW¼ 21-9-16-4 

Bylaw 1780

Len Ross ASP

Portion of LSD 9 in NE¼ 3-10-16-4 & Parcel A, Plan 2698JK

Bylaw 1790

Sacred Acres ASP

Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0711243 in SE¼ 17-9-16-4

Bylaw 1798


Lot 3, Block 1, Plan 9611496 in NW¼ 8-9-16-4

Bylaw 1898

Countrylane Estates ASP

LSD5 & Portion of LSD 6 in SW¼ 21-9-16-4


Design Scheme

SE¼ 18-11-14-4

Non-Residential Area Structure Plans (ASP)

Bylaw 1520

Vauxhall Fringe ASP

Portion of SW¼ & SE¼ 11-13-16-4 

Bylaw 1825

Highway 3 West Business Park ASP

Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 0710605 & Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 0912673 in SE¼ 36-9-17-4

Bylaw 1829

King Arthur’s Lake Front Resort ASP

Portion of NE¼ 30-12-16-4

Bylaw 1851

Municipal District of Taber Shooting Complex ASP

Portion of SE¼ 35-10-17-4

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