The Municipal District of Taber is located in the heart of South Central Alberta. Our location provides easy access to major highway routes including primary Highway 3 and 36 connecting traffic directly and indirectly to all major destinations. A combination of primary highways, secondary highways, local roads, Canadian Pacific Railway Mainline and strategically placed municipal airports provide for streamlined movement of goods and services to wherever needed.

Our location, population statistics, soils and climate cater to our very diverse industry profile. Our unique characteristics are what make a large number of companies within the industries of Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Processing, and Retail call the M.D. of Taber home.

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Please contact us directly at 403-223-3541 if you have any inquiries related to setting up a business in the Municipal District of Taber. Some of the links below may help to answer your questions.
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    Lands that are listed are owned by the Municipal District of Taber and are leased for a set period of time.

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    Lots that are for sale and are classified as Non-Residential within our Land Use Bylaw No. 1722.