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Planning Related Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Bylaws

In addition to statutory plans and the land use bylaw, the M.D. of Taber maintains a number of policies, standards, guidelines and bylaws relating to planning and development.  These planning related policies, standards, guidelines and bylaws are applicable at various stages of the planning process - they help inform land use planning and development decisions, define procedural matters, and may be imposed as conditions of subdivision and development and development agreements, or requirements of statutory plan preparation, for example.  

Advertising Bylaw No. 1934, August 14, 2018

This bylaw establishes the acceptable methods of advertising under section 606 of the Municipal Government Act of a bylaw, resolution, meeting, public hearing or other thing in accordance with the timelines prescribed in section 606.  Refer also to the M.D. of Taber Land Use Bylaw for methods of advertising a development hearing associated with a development permit application.

 Drainage Approval Policy, October 28, 2016

This policy ensures that any work conducted within the Municipal Road Right of Way for the purpose of drainage improvement is designed to be safe for vehicular traffic; is designed and constructed so as to not be a nuisance for the municipality or adjacent landowners; and conforms to municipal bylaws and provincial regulation.

 Model Process for Subdivision Approval and Private Sewage – The Suitability and Viability of Subdivisions Relying on Private Sewage Systems, February 1, 2011 

This standard prescribes the appropriate level of septic feasibility assessment that must be completed to demonstrate the suitability of development served by a private sewage system on land proposed to be subdivided.   

A developer proposing multi-lot subdivision of land that will not be served by municipal water and sewer services is required to comply with this standard when preparing an Area Structure Plan.         

 Municipal District of Taber Roadway Standards for Multi-Lot Subdivision, July 2010

These standards prescribe road design and construction for grouped country residential and grouped industrial developments.

A developer proposing grouped country residential or grouped industrial is required to comply with these standards when preparing an Area Structure Plan, which are subsequently implemented through the condition of a development agreement at the time of subdivision approval.        

 Municipal Reserve Policy, August 8, 1995; Revised March 27, 2012

This policy establishes the land value that will be used to calculate the amount of municipal reserve owing by an applicant of subdivision where money in lieu of land dedication is required for municipal reserve purposes in accordance with the M.D. of Taber Municipal Development Plan and the Municipal Government Act.

 Operating Guideline #60 Vauxhall Regional and MD Taber Regional Fire Departments Operational Guidelines Subject: Photovoltaic Panel and Solar Farm Project Fires, February 22, 2018

This policy provides the Vauxhall Regional Fire Department and M.D. of Taber Regional Fire Service department members with a guideline when responding to photovoltaic solar panel and solar farm fires.  When preparing a 

A developer of a photovoltaic solar farm should refer to this policy when preparing an emergency services plan as part of the development permit application.   

 Public Participation Policy, June 12, 2018

This policy has been developed to recognize the value of public participation and create opportunities for meaningful public participation in decisions that directly impact the public.  The Public Participation Policy is in addition to and does not modify or replace the statutory public hearing requirements in the Municipal Government Act.

 Renewable Energy Projects on Municipally Owned Land Policy, August 7, 2018

This policy establishes criteria for the appropriate siting of renewable project on M.D. of Taber owned lands while at the same time respecting leaseholders and ensuring the protection of ecologically sensitive features of the land.  The policy is in addition to and does not modify or replace the requirements of the MD of Taber Land Use Bylaw or any other applicable provincial regulations and approvals requirements. 

Unauthorized Use of Municipal Property Bylaw No. 1806, January 15, 2010

The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate the Unauthorized Use of Municipal Property, to promote the safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of such land for the benefit of all citizens of the municipality.

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