Posted on: May 12, 2017

Regional Community Peace Officer Initiative

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The Council of the Municipal District of Taber is pleased to announce the initiation of  the

Regional Community Peace Officer Initiative.

With the August 31, 2017 end of the RCMP Enhanced Officer program agreement the Council has made

the decision to initiate a ‘Community Peace Officer’ Initiative effective September 1, 2017.

The Municipal District of Taber extends its appreciation for both the past and the ongoing

relationship our community has with the RCMP. The M.D. of Taber currently funds a clerical position

at the detachment office – this relationship will continue under the new program.

The Municipal District of Taber is growing and with it there is an increased interest from citizens

and council alike to address public safety issues. Through the new Community Peace Officer program

which will include two Level 1 officers the Municipal District of Taber will place an emphasis on

the following initiatives:

• Community outreach and education to inform citizens of common bylaw issues to encourage voluntary compliance.

• Delivery of the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program within schools located in the Municipal District of Taber.

• Enforcement of Alberta Statutes including the Traffic Safety Act including: weights and measures, speeding, distracted driving, stunting, failing to stop for emergency vehicles and elements of the Gaming & Liquor Act (open liquor, possess liquor in unauthorized place).

• Investigate non-urgent community calls including: theft and mischief, execute criminal code warrants with release conditions and investigate non-injury motor vehicle collisions.

• Education and enforcement of municipal bylaws as directed including the irrigation of right of way, unlawful use of right of way, animal control, fire services bylaw, nuisance and unsightly property.

In addition the Municipal District of Taber Community Peace Officers will be integrated with the

Regional Fire Service and the 5 fire departments which provide fire protection within the Municipal

District of Taber, Village of Barnwell and Town of Vauxhall by responding along with any of the 5

MD of Taber Regional Fire Services to provide traffic control, assist when necessary as a

firefighter with any one of the Regional Fire Departments and where necessary provide Emergency

Medical Responder support to any individual at the scene of an accident in support of the Regional

Fire Service response.

Inquiries pertaining to this Media Release may be made to:

Mr. Derrick Krizsan
Municipal Administrator
Municipal District of Taber


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