Posted on: July 14, 2017

The Council of the Municipal District of Taber has adopted a Council Code of Conduct Bylaw

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The Amended Municipal Government Act, when fully implemented, will include the requirement that every municipality must adopt a Council Code of Conduct Bylaw.

At the June 27 and July 11, 2017 meetings of Council a Council Code of Conduct Bylaw was adopted by the Municipal District of Taber.  

Full Bylaw Document can be viewed here

The Bylaw includes the following provisions:

  •  General Standards of Conduct which commit Council members to ethical, businesslike and lawful behavior
  •  Elevates to a higher standard the definition of ‘Conflict of Interest’
  •  Addresses the role of Council with respect to their relationship with municipal staff
  •  Defines how Council members participate in political activities
  •  Adopts provisions for meeting and Council training attendance
  •  Outlines how confidential information is handled
  •  Addresses how public statements are made by the Council
  •  Defines how breaches of the Code of Conduct are addressed by the Council
  •  Outlines the sanctions that may be imposed by the Council for breaches of the Code of Conduct

The Bylaw includes the provision that all candidates in the 2017 municipal election will be required to read and acknowledge the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw. As prescribed in the Bylaw the Returning Officer will not accept nomination forms from any person who does not provide a completed Council Code of Conduct acknowledgement Form as outlined in this bylaw.

The Council issued the following statement with respect to this new Code of Conduct Bylaw:

“The Municipal District of Taber Council has passed this Code of Conduct Bylaw with unanimous consent of each member of the Council. We believe that in adopting this Bylaw, which is not yet required by law, clearly demonstrates our commitment to continuing the long standing vow of each of the current members of Council - and indeed the vow of past members - to serve faithfully and diligently in the public interest of our citizens. This Bylaw represents our fundamental belief that the business of our municipality is to function with full and complete transparency as it is only through this most basic principle that a government may legitimately represent the citizens to whom they are accountable.” 

Inquiries pertaining to this Media Release may be made to:

Mr. Brian Brewin


Municipal District of Taber


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Municipal Administrator

Municipal District of Taber


July 13, 2017

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