Are You Aware of What You Are Burning?

There are some materials that cannot be burned within the Province of Alberta. Recently within the Municipal District of Taber, Alberta Environment has levied fines to individuals who were caught burning prohibited materials. Please note that Regulation AR 124/93 is being enforced by Alberta Environment Compliance and Monitoring staff across the Province of Alberta. 

Substance Release Regulation

Section 1(1) (d) of the Substance Release Regulation AR 124/93 of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act which regulates the release of substances into the environment including the release into air, water and land states:

"Burnable debris" means all inflammable waste other than prohibited debris and includes BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO which May be burned:

  • (i) Straw and stubble
  • (ii) Grass and weeds
  • (iii) Leaves and tree pruning
  • (iv) Brush and fallen trees on newly cleared land or associated with logging operations
  • (v) Used power, telegraph and telephone poles that do not contain wood preservatives
  • (vi) Wooden materials, which do not contain wood preservatives, from the construction or demolition of buildings
  • (vii) Solid waste from sawmills or planing mills with an annual production of less than 9500 cubic metres of lumber
  • (viii) Solid waste from post and pole operations that does not contain wood preservatives
  • (ix) Solid waste from tree harvesting operations

Section 2(1) (n) of the Activities Designation Regulation AR 211/96

"Prohibited debris" means any inflammable waste that, when burned, may result in the release to the atmosphere of dense smoke, offensive odours or toxic substances and includes BUT IS not LIMITED TO the following materials which SHOULD not be burned:

  • (i) Repealed AR 184/99 s2
  • (ii) Animal manure
  • (iii) Pathological waste
  • (iv) Non-wooden material
  • (v) Waste material from building or construction sites, excluding wooden materials that do not contain wood preservatives
  • (vi) Combustible material in automobile bodies
  • (vii) Tires
  • (viii) Rubber or plastic, or anything containing or coated with rubber or plastic or similar substances, except rubber or plastic attached to shredded scrap steel
  • (ix) Solid waste from sawmills or planing mills with an annual production in excess of 9500 cubic meters of lumber
  • (x) Used oil
  • (xi) Wood or wood products containing substances for the purpose of preserving wood