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Crop Diseases

Information and control plans and resources for a range of crop diseases.

Late Blight of Potatoes and Tomatoes

Late blight is one of the most serious diseases of potatoes and tomatoes worldwide, resulting in significant yield and quality losses annually. In general, in Alberta, Late blight occurs infrequently but can have devastating impacts in the years when it reaches epidemic levels.

Fusarium Graminearium

Fusarium head blight (FHB) is a serious fungal disease of cereal crops that affects kernel development.  The main cause of FHB is the fungus Fusarium Graminearum, which results in significant losses in grain yield and grain quality, and triggers the production of mycotoxins.

Clubroot Disease

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of canola, mustard and other crops in the cabbage family. Cole crop vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, radish, rutabaga and turnip, are susceptible to clubroot, as are many cruciferous weeds, for example, wild mustard, stinkweed and shepherd's purse.

For more information on crop diseases visit the Government of Alberta website.