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Garbage Collection

Collection Guidelines

Garbage collection services only applies to the Hamlet of Grassy Lake. Household refuse must be bagged to facilitate pick up and shall not contain the following materials:

  • Liquid wastes
  • Chemical containers
  • Animal carcasses
  • Loose wire
  • Burning wastes
  • Hazardous wastes

To avoid creation of a nuisance from animals bags should be contained in a sturdy refuse container prior to pickup. Garbage spread from bags, which are not contained properly, is the responsibility of the property owner/occupant to clean up.

Businesses receiving commercial pickup from the MD of Taber must provide a suitable container, at their expense, which prevents garbage from being spread or blown around. Garbage which is not contained properly is the responsibility of the business to clean up.

Monthly pick up charges will be applied to all properties within the Hamlet, with no option for use of the service.

Where refuse is to be collected from premises situated on land abutting a lane and there is space on the land next to the lane, the owner or occupants of the said premises shall place and keep the refuse receptacles at the edge of or near the lane or elsewhere satisfactory to the MD of Taber.

Monthly Garbage Collection Fees & Quantities

 TypeMonthly Fees