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Public Works Services & Fees

Road Top Calcium$500 per 400 feet of calcium applied ($1.25 for each additional foot, up to a max of 750 linear feet total) 
Airport Tie-Down Fees$30per month per aircraft (occupation of any tie down location by the same aircraft for more than 10 days in any given month at the Taber or Vauxhall airport constitutes the right of the municipality to issue a 1 month charge to the aircraft owner)
TRAVIS MJ Road Permit$20 per permit issued
Right of Way Crossings, Proximity Permits, Approach Permits
i. Texas Gate Permit(application)$50
ii. Road Crossings (irrigation, seer, electrical, oil
and gas pipelines)
iii. Approaches (New)$100
iv. Approaches (Existing - widen or move)$50
v. Utility Consents$50
vi. Proximity Consents$50
vii. Seismic Consents (per road crossing)$50