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Roadside Mowing Program

  • Municipal District right of ways
  • Lease roads
  • Road construction jobs
  • Airports (Taber, Vauxhall)
  • Hamlets/Parks/Cemeteries/Landfills
  • Undeveloped Road Allowances
  • Contracted mowing highways (Volker Stevin)

Roadside Mowing is conducted to ensure the utmost safety for the traveling public. Roadsides are mowed for increased vision along MD roads, control snow drifting and assist in weed control efforts throughout the municipality. All roadside mowing equipment will be operated with headlights and 4-way flashers on while mowing.

Roadside mowing will be carried out every year with the Agriculture Service Board (ASB) main objective to mow every road twice during the mowing season. Agriculture staff will cooperate with other municipal departments and agencies to ensure their needs are met with regards to mowing. Only those Undeveloped Road Allowances deemed safe and clear of rocks and debris will be considered for mowing. Agriculture staff will contact the Airport personnel before any mowing will occur again to ensure safety regulations are being followed.

Equipment Used
Equipment used for Roadside Mowing include:
  • 4- Tractors 125 hp
  • 4- 15’ rotary mowers
  • 4- Sidearms