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Water & Wastewater Services

The Municipal District of Taber provides Water and Wastewater Services (sewer) in all three of the Hamlets of Enchant, Hays, and Grassy Lake. The information provided relates to making applications for and the cost of Water and Wastewater Services. In addition, the Municipal District of Taber provides garbage collection in the Hamlet of Grassy Lake and Waste Transfer Station/Landfill Services.

Connection Guidelines

Water and Sewer Services are provided in the Hamlet of Grassy Lake, the Hamlet of Enchant and the Hamlet of Hays. Application for services must be made to the Municipal District of Taber or its agent accompanied by full payment for the applicable charges. The Municipal District of Taber will provide water and sewer services provided that:

  • The premises are to be serviced by water or sewer service provided to consumers within Hamlet boundaries only except by agreement with the Municipality
  • The premises to be serviced conforms to the Municipality’s bylaws
  • The Municipality is responsible for water and sewer service provision to the property line of the consumer only
  • The supply of water shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this bylaw
  • No warranty given or implied pertaining to the quantity of water to be supplied

The resident shall be responsible for and shall pay to the municipality, the full costs to repair any damage to a water meter or remote reading device that results from other than normal wear and tear. 

No connection may be made to the water service line between the property line and the meter.

No person shall in any manner obstruct the free access to any hydrant or valve or manhole, additionally; no person shall interfere in any manner with any hydrant or valve or manhole.

Authorized Employee Rights

An authorized employee shall have the right of access at any reasonable time, and upon reasonable notice, to every serviced premise for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining and or repairing the water system; this shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Installing, servicing or sealing a water meter
  • Shutting off and sealing a water line for non-payment

Call 403-223-3541
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Fire Ban in Effect
Fire Ban in Effect