Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is made up of Municipal District of Taber Council members. Together with the Agricultural Fieldman, they address the current local issues affecting agricultural production by developing and implementing policies and programs for the benefit of farmers and the environment. View the Agricultural Service Board Policy. When proactive programs are not effective, enforcement of four provincial acts can be implemented. Learn more about the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen (AAAF).

Every year the ASB attends the Provincial Agricultural Service Board Conference where the members receive industry updates and take part in making resolutions to various levels of government in support of agriculture. See current and past resolutions.

The Agricultural Service Board along with the Agricultural Fieldman responsibilities are mandated from within four Provincial Acts:

Together with the agricultural community, the ASB seeks to develop and deliver environmental stewardship programs that are relevant to local environmental, agronomic and economic conditions with deference to the climate, soil, and water relationships that exist within municipal boundaries. View the Agricultural Service Board Meeting agendas & minutes.

Corporate Services Clerk Administrative Assistant
Corporate Services Clerk Administrative Assistant