Council-Donation Requests

The Council of the Municipal District of Taber receives numerous requests from volunteer community groups and/or individuals to have their program, event or activity receive a donation from the MD of Taber. In order for Council to budget and allocate funds fairly and effectively in the municipality, the Council of the Municipal District of Taber adopted a Donations Policy in 2021.

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Establish consistent guidelines for Council to donate financial resources or provide in-kind support to community programs, organizations, events and activities.
  • Provide the authority to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) regarding requests for donations up to a value of $500.
  • Provide clear procedures for Administration and Council to provide and respond to requests for donations.

For more information please review the Donations Policy or download the Donation Request Application (PDF)

Call 403-223-3541
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Consideration of providing support of community programs, organizations, events and activities through donations shall be limited to those that demonstrate any of the following: 

  • A need for financial support or specific in-kind from the Municipal District;
  • Are held for the enjoyment and benefit of the general public; 
  • Are hosted on a yearly basis or recognize significant milestones events; and/or 
  • Take place within the Municipal District of Taber boundaries. 

The following are not eligible for support under this policy:

  • Private functions
  • Capital facilities and equipment
  • Youth and adult sports teams and associated programs/events, activities and school reunions
  • Programs, organizations, events and activities that receive support from the Municipality through other programs or policies
  • Major Municipal and inter-Municipal events (eg. Taber Cornfest)

Requests for financial assistance for capital items should be made through the Land Trust Reserve Fund Grant Program. Applicants who receive funding through the Land Trust Reserve Fund Grant Program are not eligible to also receive support under this Policy in the same calendar year.

  • Donations may be cash or in-kind contributions.
  • In-kind contributions are donations that do not involve a direct cash contribution but instead might include providing promotional items or Municipal services or other materials or supplies.

In evaluating each application, decisions will be based on merit with consideration being given to the following: 

  • Evidence for the need
  • Number of local residents served
  • Quality of management (established track record, proposal well thought out, etc.)
  • Number of local volunteers
  • Mitigation of barriers to services for people with mental and physical disabilities and minority groups
  • Level of involvement with other community partners
  • Agreement to acknowledge the Municipality’s contribution to all publicity-related events or activities relating to the event

The Municipal District of Taber shall support this policy through an annual budget allotment to establish the amount of cash or goods and services in-kind that the Municipality is able to donate, based on the following:

  • Applicants are able to request a maximum amount of $5,000 or up to $2,000 for in-kind donations. The funds will be provided from the annual operating budget. Any donations exceeding the policy limits may be allocated from Recreation Operating Reserve funds.

Applications must be completed in full and contain the following: 

  • Name, address and contact information for the organization
  • The amount of financial support being requested
  • A description of the program, event or activity and associated dates and timelines
  • A budget identifying the proposed revenue and expenditure pertaining to the request
  • An explanation of how the Municipality’s support will be recognized during the program, event or activity
  • Completed application forms must be submitted to the Municipality. If the application is not properly filled out, the grant application will not be considered.
  • Must be received at least 30 days before the date of the need for support

Municipal Council shall be the deciding authority on all applications, except for donation requests of $500 or less, which the CAO will have the authority to approve.

  • Applicants will be notified in writing once a final decision on their application has been made.
  • Applicants who are provided with support pursuant to this policy shall be accountable for the expenditures of funds provided.
  • The entire amount of financial support provided must be used exclusively for the program, organization, event or activity identified in the application.
  • The community programs, activities and events must be conducted within six months of the date the donation is approved.
  • If the community programs, activities or events do not occur within the allotted time, a written letter of request for an extension must be submitted. If an extension is not received, or if an extension is not granted, the community organization or group shall return all the funds provided by the Municipality.
  • The Municipality’s support must be recognized during the program, event or activity in the manner described in the application.
  • Organizations, programs, events and actives receiving support pursuant to this policy must be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.

If the request is for a door prize, silent auction item or other similar promotional items, a written request is required. Funds for door prizes, silent auction items or promotional items of a value of $500 or less shall be decided upon by the CAO.

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