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MD of Taber Strategic Plan

A community based on the principles of openness, trust and integrity, social and cultural vitality and economic and environmental sustainability.

To provide excellence in governance and service that will promote a safe, healthy, diverse and dynamic rural community.

We commit to the following core values in every aspect of governance, oversight and operations.


We are approachable and build positive relationships.

We consider other opinions and perspectives and support one another.



We are professional and accountable for our behavior, actions and decisions. 

We perform our roles ethically and in compliance with our policies, bylaws and the law.



We provide honest, factual, relevant and timely information to enable informed decisions. 

We encourage participation & feedback while carefully considering its application.

We communicate decisions, supporting information and purposes.

  1. To provide good government
  2. To provide fair, effective and transparent governance.
  3. To provide services, facilities or other things that in the opinion of Council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality.
  4. To develop and maintain a safe and viable rural community.
  5. To work collaboratively with neighbouring municipalities to plan, deliver and fund inter-municipal services.

Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan identifies our key strategic priorities over a 3-year period from 2022-2025. The Strategic Plan is updated annually as part of our budget process.

Contract Hamlet Service Provider – Hamlet of Hays
Contract Hamlet Service Provider – Hamlet of Hays