Non-Residential Land Sales

Lots that are for sale and are classified as Non-Residential within our Land Use Bylaw No 1722 are listed below.  As lots become available and or sold they will be added or removed from this list. Please use this section as a guide and confirm availability with the Municipal District of Taber by calling 403-223-3541.

Real Estate Purchase Deposit

$500 per parcel

  • Non Refundable
  • Payable at the time of offer
  • Deposit applied to purchase upon acceptance of offer and completion of sale

Real Estate Security Deposit - Hamlet of Grassy Lake

$5,000 per parcel

The security deposit shall be held by the Vendor until construction activities on the property are completed as required per the agreement. Upon completion of construction activities, the purchaser shall notify the vendor in writing, at which time the vendor will undertake an inspection of the property developed to ensure compliance with the purchaser's development as required per the agreement. If the purchaser has developed the property as required, the security deposit shall be refunded to the purchaser, less any deductions for any damages, penalties or unpaid fees.

Maps: None at this time

Maps: None at this time

Maps: Plan 4072GX

PlanBlockLotLand UseCostMap
4072GX38-10Commercial$5,000.00 per lotPlan 4072GX
4072GX21-12Commercial$5,000.00 per lot"

Maps: Plan 201797

PlanBlockLotLand UseCostMap
201079727Rural Highway Commercial$104,000.00
(2.71 acres)
Plan 2010797
201079725Rural Highway Commercial$104,000.00
(2.71 acres)

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Grader Operator