Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

How to Access Bulk Water Stations

The Municipal District of Taber (MDT) Bulk Water Dispensing Stations provides bulk water to residents for residential and agricultural use. To access the dispensing stations you must have an existing MDT bulk water account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.

How to Create an Account

  • To set up a bulk water account please call or visit the Administration Office, or download and submit the online application form here.
  • Once a bulk water account is created, you will be assigned a three-digit Access Number and then prompted to create your unique four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). 
  • These numbers are required to be entered into the pin pad at the bulk water stations to draw water.
  •  If you lose or forget your PIN, or would like to change your PIN or to obtain your account information, please contact Administration at 403-223-3541, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • You must protect your PIN at all times, including deactivating PINs when employees leave your company. The MDT will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions.

Location and Hours of Operation

Bulk water dispensing stations allow bulk water haulers to get portable water from the distribution system year-round, 24 hours a day. The Municipal District of Taber owns and operates 4 bulk water dispensing stations.

  • GRASSY LAKE    330, 3rd Street South
  • HAYS                   216, 5th Street
  • ENCHANT          161, North Avenue
  • VAUXHALL        162026 TWP RD 13-2

Ways to Pay

 There are many ways to add funds to your bulk water account.

BULK WATER ACCOUNTS ARE PREPAID ONLY. Please reference your account number when making payments.


Using your credit card visit mdtaber.ab.ca/p/online-payments and prepay using 'OptionPay' (service fees apply).


Pay by cash, debit, or cheque at the Administration Office, or leave a cheque in the after-hours drop box located at the front doors.


Send a cheque payable to:
Municipal District of Taber 
4900B – 50th Street
Taber, AB T1G 1T2


In-person, or through online and telephone banking. To add as a payee, look for ‘Municipal District of Taber’, or contact your bank or financial institution to find out more.

Assistance with payments is available by calling 403-223-3541.

How to Operate the PIN Access System

Simply enter your unique three-digit Access Number and your four-digit secure PIN Number, and if the two correlate you are granted access to fill your truck with bulk quantities of water.


  • Connect the water fill hose to the tank
  • Enter your three-digit Access Number, press ‘ENTER
  • Enter your four-digit PIN, press ‘ENTER
  • Enter the volume of water wanted, press ‘ENTER
  • Confirm the hose is connected
  • Press ‘START’ to start water flow
  • The volume of water dispensing is displayed on the screen
  • The water will stop automatically once the requested volume is reached
  • Press ‘STOP’ to stop water

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