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Property Class

For the purpose of Assessment and Taxation, properties are classified as one or more of the following: Residential, Non-Residential, Farm land, or Machinery & Equipment based on their use as required by the MGA.  The Residential Class may be divided into as many sub-classes as the municipality feels appropriate (i.e. Vacant, Multi-family, Condominium, etc).  The Non-Residential class may be divided into 3 sub-classes, as allowed by the MGA and the Matters Relating to Assessment Sub-Classes Regulation

The MD of Taber passed a Small Business Assessment Sub-Class Bylaw (No. 1952) on July 9th, 2019, coming into force and effect for 2019 and subsequent Assessment Years. The Non-Residential Class in the MD of Taber is divided into the following sub-classes: 

  1. vacant non-residential property
  2. small business property
  3. other non-residential property

Tax rates must be set for each assessment class or sub-class and may differ between classes or sub-classes, with the exception of Machinery & Equipment - it must have the same rate as Non-Residential