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Municipal District of Eureka No. 65
On August 13, 1912 a plebiscite of farmers was taken to organize the Municipality. The vote was 81 in favor and 1 against, at a nomination meeting held on January 27, 1913 the following Councilors were elected by acclamation:
  • John J. McLellan
  • Samual Fisher
  • Neil M. Stalker
  • John R. Fletcher
  • Harry A. Driggs
Harry A. Driggs was the first Reeve, John J. McLellan, Deputy Reeve and S.A. Buchanan was appointed as the Secretary Treasurer.

The Municipal District of Eureka No. 65 was formed in 1913. The M.D. was originally comprised of ranges 13, 14 and 15 between the Oldman River and Chin Coulee.

There were a number of Coal Mining Companies that were working in the area and one was the Eureka Mine. In the old ERCB Coal Mine Atlas, it was noted that the Eureka Mine had been in operation between 1910 and 1913, in the NW-8-10-16W4.

Since it predated the formation of the M.D. and since there were no post offices or school districts in the area by the name Eureka, it might be that the M.D. took its name from the coal mining operations.

According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, the word “eureka” comes from the Greek “heureka” and attributed to Archimedes means, “ I have found it!” It refers to a fortunate discovery which is likely how the prospectors, geologists, and mining interests felt when they came across a good source of coal or minerals in general.

Municipal District of Eureka No. 14
By Ministerial Order dated April 6, 1945 the Municipality was renumbered as 14, and the adjourning Local Improvement District No. 65, is number 15.

By Ministerial Order dated December 29, 1949, the Local Improvement District No. 15 was merged with Eureka No. 14, as an enlarged Municipality.

Municipal District of Taber No. 14
On Recommendation of the Co- Terminus Boundary Commission the Municipality was merged with Improvement District No. 23 and part of Special Area No. 4 to become the Municipal District of Taber No. 14 in December 1953.

The Ministerial Order became effective January 1, 1954.

On January 1, 2004 the M.D. of Taber celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a Municipality.

Notice of Development Hearing – Proposed Auto Wrecking Operation
Notice of Development Hearing – Proposed Auto Wrecking Operation