Why Choose the Municipal District of Taber

Situated in south-central Alberta, the Municipal District of Taber shares its borders with six neighbouring rural municipalities. Centrally traversing this region is the Oldman River, which converges with the Bow River at our eastern boundary. The Bow River serves as a predominant northern demarcation, while the southern boundaries are defined by the pristine Chin Lakes and Chin Coulee.

The Municipal District of Taber has witnessed a remarkable surge in growth, even within the context of its predominantly rural landscape. Between 2007 and 2017, the population experienced a notable 13% increase. The demographic makeup is characterized by youthfulness, with a median age of 27.6, nearly a decade below the provincial median. A staggering 44% of the labour force is engaged in the agricultural sector, which not only constitutes the primary employment domain but also stands as the leading industry in terms of businesses with employees.

Nestled within the Municipal District of Taber are five distinctive hamlets:

  1. Grassy Lake – located approximately 4 kilometres from the eastern boundary along Highway 3
  2. Hays – situated at the intersection of Highway 875 and 524
  3. Enchant – positioned in the northwest corner of the MD along Highway 526
  4. Johnsons Addition – adjacent to the western periphery of the Town of Taber
  5. Purple Springs – approximately 16 kilometres to the east of the Town of Taber along Highway 3

The soils within the Municipal District of Taber exhibit a range from clay to sandy loams of medium texture, complemented by a relatively even topography. This combination makes the region exceptionally conducive to irrigation farming. The continual enhancement and expansion of water resources through the Bow River and St. Mary Irrigation District systems have facilitated the adoption of more intensive crop production methodologies. Consequently, this evolution has given rise to the development of sugar beet and vegetable processing industries, alongside livestock confinement operations that require ample hay, pasture, and crop by-products for animal feed.

In 2021, the Alberta Government unveiled historic investments in irrigation, poised to augment the irrigated land area by almost 200,000 acres in southern Alberta. This groundbreaking investment, totalling over $800 million, is poised to revamp existing irrigation infrastructure for enhanced water efficiency. As water conservation practices thrive, the irrigation districts in the region will be empowered to irrigate larger tracts of land while consuming less water. A substantial portion of this expansion, an estimated 80,000 acres, is anticipated to fall within the confines of the Municipal District of Taber, consequently attracting heightened economic investment prospects in both production and processing.

The Municipal District of Taber boasts a wealth of assets that appeal to both residents and visitors alike. These include a renowned shooting range, multiple campgrounds, and abundant recreational prospects provided by the surrounding rivers and reservoirs.

The ‘Growing our Economic Future – Taber Regional Economic Development Strategy’ serves as a meticulously crafted roadmap toward achieving a collective vision of economic prosperity. This strategy, firmly grounded in comprehensive research and consultation, was the result of a collaborative endeavour between the Municipal District of Taber, the Town of Taber, and the Town of Vauxhall.

Enchant Residential Lots for Sale
Enchant Residential Lots for Sale