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Rural Broadband Strategy

In developing a Rural Broadband Strategy in the MD of Taber the ultimate objective is to promote the accessibility, quality and affordability of rural broadband high-speed data. 

Rural Broadband Accessibility
High speed rural broadband data will extend to most if not all MD of Taber ratepayers.

Rural Broadband Affordability
The MD of Taber is considering investment in broadband infrastructure and needs to confirm that this investment is justified by the broadband project to not only provide high speed to rate payers, but also to offer them affordable residential rates.

Rural Broadband Quality
5MB DL and 1MB UL for Broadband in Canada was considered acceptable as recent as 6 years ago. Now, acceptable data speeds are 50Mbps DL and 10Mbps UL. 

It is expected that last-mile service objectives should meet a round-trip latency threshold of 50 milliseconds and a packet loss threshold of 0.25%, both measured during peak times.

The ratio of dwellings served to data connection with assurance of downlink and uplink speeds should be 8 or 12 : 1.

As part of the Rural Broadband Strategy the following has been researched and developed:

  • Current State of Rural Broadband Infrastructure
  • Existing Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Existing Data Plans and Coverage
  • Municipal Rural Broadband Objectives
  • Industry Connections and Information Exchange
  • Service Coverage Gaps Based on Current Infrastructure
  • Possible Funding Opportunities

The MD of Taber will be considering a number of private public partnerships for grant applications to increase the footprint of rural high-speed data through local broadband projects. 

It is expected the partnerships would support increased Transport, Intermediate Mile, and/or Last Mile broadband infrastructure in the MD of Taber and Area.

Rural Broadband High Speed Data remains a strategic priority for the municipality as it continue to be a critical service that is heavily relied upon by many of our residents and business community.