Information Technology

Business solutions

ITS works with individual departments and the MD of Taber as a whole to develop, deliver and support technology solutions.

The creation of new solutions can deliver great value, but many of them are also large investments. These solutions need to be managed professionally and with great care to ensure they are provided in a timely manner and meet the planned objectives. To accomplish this, the department provides:

  • Business data solutions
  • Business solutions development
  • Business systems support

Enterprise geographic information system

Most service delivery in the MD of Taber involves the land base. As a result, the MD of Taber has invested in a corporate Geographic Information System (GIS). ITS provides:

  • GIS corporate support
  • GIS system support
  • GIS analytics and reporting

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Technology planning and strategy

It is critical to ensure that investments in technology focus on delivering the most value to the MD of Taber and its residents and businesses as possible. To accomplish this, ITS is developing and maturing its ability to develop strategies and enhance technology planning.

  • Technology planning

Technology infrastructure and support

The MD of Taber has a sizeable investment in technology, and most MD of Taber employees use this technology every day. Outages and failures are expensive in their overall impact and can slow down or halt service delivery to the public. To minimize these impacts, ITS provides:

  • User support services
  • Computer infrastructure support
  • Service quality management
  • Technology purchasing
  • IT security
  • Technology training

Information management

Records are an organization’s memory and are a vital asset. Good management of corporate information supports effective decision-making, provides essential evidence of business activities and transactions, demonstrates accountability and transparency and preserves corporate history.

Corporate records and information governance assist the organization through corporate information management (including the electronic document filing and storage system) and forms management.

  • Information governance
  • Enterprise Content management
  • Forms and records digitization
  • Retention and disposition

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