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Public Works Services

Dust Control$500 per 400 feet of dust suppressant applied ($1.25 per linear foot of application) 
Airport Tie-Down Fees$30 per month per aircraft (occupation of any tie-down location by the same aircraft for more than 10 days in any given month at the Taber or Vauxhall airport constitutes the right of the municipality to issue a 1-month charge to the aircraft owner)
TRAVIS MJ Road Permit$20 per permit issued

Right of Way Crossings, Proximity Permits, Approach Permits

Texas Gate Permit (Install)$50
Road Crossings (Irrigation, Water/Sewer, Electrical, Oil
and Gas Pipelines)
Approaches (Construct New)$100
Existing Approaches (Utilize, Widen or move)$50
Utility Consents$50
Proximity  and Access Consents$50
Seismic Consents (per road crossing)$50
Let's Do Parks
Let's Do Parks