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Interactive Maps

Disclaimer: The maps are provided for information purposes only. The data on these maps are based on the most current information available to the MD of Taber Geographic Information Systems and are not a replacement for engineering, financial or primary records research.

ArcOnline is an ESRI Mapping Interface and will continue to evolve along with both the MD of Taber and ESRI development plans. Keep checking this page for highlighted updates and we welcome feedback including additional needs that may exist.

The Web Mapping Application contains the following key components:

  • Map Viewers
  • Location Searching
  • Get Directions
  • Area and Length Calculators
  • Advanced Municipal Searching
  • Customized Tools
  • View Municipal Map Layers
  • Custom Map Print Tools

Click on the thumbnails below or visit our mapping site here  

RCMP Crime Map

The RCMP Crime Map provides residents with a quick and easy way to get information about crimes reported in our area.  The Map provides free, instant access to events reported in the last 14 days to the Taber RCMP Detachment - K Division. 

Launch map here   

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