Shelterbelt Program

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The appliation deadline for the Shelterbelt Program is on January 31, 2024.

The many benefits of shelterbelts

The Municipal District of Taber Agricultural Service Board has designed the shelterbelt program to help farmers with the establishment of shelterbelts around yards and fields. Long rows of stately trees add beauty to many farmsteads and acreages. These shelterbelts provide many additional benefits as they shelter yard sites and livestock, conserve soil, trap snow, protect water quality, and provide wildlife habitat.

Traditionally, shelterbelts were multiple straight rows of trees lining a driveway or bordering farm fields. Ecobuffers, established using different planting configurations, bring additional benefits for environmental conservation.

How to apply for the program

Thinking of starting a shelterbelt? The best time to start planning for next year is now. Costs are shared equally between the MD of Taber and the landowner, and Agricultural Services will help with planting and setting up drip irrigation if water is available nearby.

Please print and complete the Shelterbelt Application Form. Completed forms can be Emailed or delivered in-person to the Administration office at 4900B - 50 Street in Taber or the Operations & Maintenance Building located on Highway 3 171027 AB-3, Barnwell.

For information on applying, suitable species, shelterbelt design, and more call 403-223-8735.

Planning your shelterbelt

Establishing a shelterbelt can be a big investment in time and money. Success depends on close attention to design, plant selection, site preparation, proper planting, early establishment maintenance, and long-term care. Careful planning improves the benefits and helps avoid problems.

Placement of trees and municipal bylaws

When planting near a property line, trees should be set back at least 150 feet (46m) from the centre line of a rural road except by Development Authority approval. Per MD of Taber Land Use Bylaw No 1722 (pg 61), when planting on a corner site (e.g. where a range road and township road meet) shelterbelts are not allowed to grow within 350 feet (107m) to preserve a sight triangle at the intersection. 

Call 403-223-8735
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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