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Alberta regulations

Minister's guidelines

Forms available for download

Other resources

Listed below are a few of the resources available on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website:

Regulations relating to assessment

  • Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation
  • Electric Energy Generation Exemption Regulation
  • Matters Relating to Assessment and Taxation Regulation, MRAT 2018
  • Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation, MRAC 2018
  • Matters Relating to Assessment Subclasses Regulation
  • Proceedings Before the Board Clarification Regulation
  • Qualifications of Assessor Regulation

Minister’s guidelines

  • Alberta Assessment Quality
  • Recording and Reporting Information for Assessment Audit and Equalized Assessment Manual
  • Concordance Table
  • 20XX Farm Land Assessment
  • 20XX Linear Property
  • 20XX Machinery & Equipment
  • 20XX Railway Assessment
  • 2005 Construction Cost Reporting Guide
  • 2005 Construction Cost Interpretive Guide
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