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Annual Roadside Cleanup

2022 Annual Roadside Cleanup

It's that time of year again!

As a fundraising event, all charitable groups and clubs are now encouraged to participate in the
MD of Taber's Annual Roadside Cleanup program.

  • The MD of Taber will provide a safety meeting before starting the assigned road. 
  • The MD of Taber will post road signs prior to 1:30 pm and there will be staff on the roads with flashing lights.
  • The MD of Taber will provide safety vests for everyone involved in the project and they must be worn at all times.
  • The MD of Taber will provide garbage bags for the project.
  • The MD of Taber will pay $100.00/linear km of road completed.
  • The MD of Taber does not provide gloves for the project. 

The following roads are eligible for the annual local roadside cleanup program. 

Taber Area - Friday, April 29th 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  • Rge Rd 16-5 (Old Wadena Road) from Town of Taber corporate limits to Twp Rd 9-2 (5.6 km)
  • Rge Rd 16-4 (Sugar Factory Road) from Highway 3 to Twp 9-0 (9.6 km)
  • Twp Rd 10-0 (Huckleberry Road) from Highway 864 to Rge Rd 17-4 (6.4 km)
  • Twp Rd 10-0 (Red Trail) from Rge Rd 16-4 to Rge Rd 15-4 (9.6 km)
  • Rge Rd 16-5 (White Ash Road) From Town of Taber corporate limits to Twp Rd  11-0

Vauxhall Area - Friday, May 6th 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  • Twp Rd 13-0 (Vauxhall Golf Course Road) from Highway 36 to Highway 864, plus Rge Rd 16-3 from Twp Rd 13-0 to Town of Vauxhall (10.4 km)
  • Twp Rd 13-1A (Grantham Road) from Highway 36 to Twp 15-4 (6.4 km)
  • Rge Rd 17-1 (MD pavement north of 864) from Twp Rd 13-2 to Highway 526 (9.6 km)
  • Rge Rd 18-4 (Enchant Beet Dump Road) from Highway 526 to Twp Rd 15-0 plus Railway Ave. from Center St. to RR 18-5 (8 km)

For more information on our Roadside Cleanup program call Jason Bullock at 403-634-4429

Download Form

Local Roadside Cleanup Program Policy and Application Form (PDF)  

Please email the completed application form to by no later than 4:30 pm on Monday, April 18th, 2022.