Annual Roadside Cleanup Program

The 2022 Annual Roadside Cleanup was a huge success! 
Please check back next year to register your community group or club for this annual fundraising event.

The Annual Roadside Cleanup Program is an opportunity for local, non-profit organizations to raise funds for their programs by cleaning up the roadsides, ditches, and hamlets across the MD of Taber each spring.

  • The MD of Taber will provide a safety meeting before starting the assigned road. 
  • The MD of Taber will post road signs prior to 1:30 pm and there will be staff on the roads with flashing lights.
  • The MD of Taber will provide safety vests for everyone involved in the project and they must be worn at all times.
  • The MD of Taber will provide garbage bags for the project.
  • The MD of Taber will pay $100.00/linear km of road completed.
  • The MD of Taber does not provide gloves for the project. 

For more information on our Roadside Cleanup Program call Jason Bullock at 403-634-4429.

Download the Roadside Cleanup Program Policy and Application Form (PDF).

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Small Business Tax Relief