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Weed Control

The Weed Control Act of Alberta directs that all landowners are responsible for keeping weeds under control. This also includes the municipality. The MD of Taber shall control weeds and invasive species on the properties under our control, and cooperate with private landowners/tenants in weed control to do so as well.

  • Roadside Spraying
  • Weed and grass Control on less traveled roads (PW)
  • Weed Control on new or re-built roads (twice yearly)
  • Weed control along water courses/public lands (cooperating with SRD)
  • Bio Weed control releases on sensitive lands
  • Weed control within Hamlets, Parks, Cemeteries and Landfills (when required)
  • Contracted Weed control along CPR lines within the municipality
  • Contracted Weed control along highways (Volker Stevin)
How Did the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) Arrive at This List of Priorities?
We did it by Listening to our local ratepayer concerns and responses from the 2009 Integrated Community Sustainability Questionnaire.

Roadside Weed control will be carried out every year with the ASB objective to cover every municipal road every year. All applications are carried out by certified applicators following both the IVMAA Standards and Good Practices Protocol and Alberta Environments “Code of Practice” for Safe use and handling of Pesticides.

The municipality will be divided into 3 districts for the purpose of weed control, and each district will receive a different application of herbicide and will be sprayed at a different time during the growing season. This rotation will be used to reduce any herbicide resistance concerns and allow the Agriculture staff to focus on specific weeds or vegetation within each weed control district.

Equipment Used for Weed Control
The following equipment is used for Weed Control:
  • 1 Tandem truck with 3,000-gallon tank, injection system
  • 1 2-ton truck with 800-gallon tank, hand mix
  • 2 Quads equipped with spray
  • 1 1-ton pickup with 300-gallon tank, hand mix