Weed Control Program

Under Alberta’s Weed Control Act all landowners have a responsibility to help stop the spread of weeds that can be harmful to the environment and public and private property. The MD of Taber works with residents to resolve weed control issues. Weeds do not stop at property lines so we encourage everyone in our community to work together to help control weeds. View the MD of Taber's Phobited Noxious Weed Control Policy.

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MD of Taber carries out an annual program to control weeds along municipal roads, parks and open spaces. The goal is to control noxious weeds, provide safe and healthy turf and protect trees and shrubs. Control measures are carried out by the application of herbicides.

Safety precautions:

All herbicides have been approved by Health Canada and the Alberta Government and will be applied under the supervision of workers who are provincially licensed.

Timing of treatment:

  • Herbicide application will be used during the day or early morning when the winds are generally light.
  • The times and dates of treatment will depend on the weather.

Treatment schedule:

The municipality is divided into 3 zones for the purpose of weed control. Each zone will receive a different application of herbicide sprayed at different intervals during the growing season. This rotation helps to reduce any herbicide resistance concerns and allows for better weed control and management within each zone.


  • Roadside spraying
  • Weed and grass control on less-travelled roads (PW)
  • Weed control on new or re-built roads (twice yearly)
  • Weed control along watercourses/public lands (cooperating with SRD)
  • Bio Weed control releases on sensitive lands
  • Weed control within hamlets, parks, cemeteries and landfills (when required)
  • Contracted weed control along CPR lines within the municipality
  • Contracted weed control along highways (Volker Stevin)

It is the MD of Taber's responsibility to enforce the Weed Control Act in an effort to limit the spread of noxious weeds. We do that with the help of our weed inspectors during the summer.

Primary role of a weed inspector:

  • Be a weed information resource for the residents of the MD of Taber.
  • Inspect all public and private lands for noxious and restricted weeds.
  • Respond to and follow up on complaints.
  • Issue weed notices in accordance with the Weed Control Act and follow through on compliance.

Weed inspectors can also: 

  • Assist residents in identifying weeds on their property.
  • Help residents choose the most effective method(s) to control their weeds.
  • Provide information or other resources about native plants.
  • Give presentations about noxious weeds, ornamental noxious weeds, or the Weed Inspection Program in the MD of Taber.
  • Work with landowners to create a weed management plan for highly infested areas of land.

Resident responsibilities:

  • Familiarize yourself with the plants found on the noxious weed list.
  • Monitor your property regularly for noxious plants.
  • Ensure you do not allow noxious and prohibited noxious weeds to grow or flower on your property. Control weeds early.
  • Prevent the spread of weed seeds by limiting the movement of contaminated hay, wood chips, gravel, manure and soil. One of the most common methods of moving weed seeds is contaminated mud that gets tracked on your vehicle.
  • Do not plant wildflower seed mixes - these are most often contaminated with noxious weeds.

We appreciate and welcome residents’ assistance in looking after their own property, reporting weeds they see on public lands, and sharing their knowledge with friends and neighbours. 

MD of Taber also does its part by looking after public land, ditches and right-of-ways with our Rural Roadside Vegetation Control Program.

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