Municipal Lands

The MD of Taber acquires and manages land for varying reasons ranging from road construction projects, gravel pit operations, utility infrastructure, landfills, recreation facilities, commercial and industrial subdivisions, municipal operations, and tax forfeiture.

The vast majority of lands that the MD of Taber holds title to was derived through Alberta Government tax recovery proceedings through tax forfeiture. The Government of Alberta has been holding tens of thousands of acres of tax recovery lands in trust for municipalities for decades until recently when the Province has undertaken to transfer them back to municipalities in an effort to support local decision-making and municipal sustainability. 

Many rural municipalities have elected to sell these lands back to their leaseholders, but the MD of Taber councils have wisely decided to retain these lands for the social, environmental, and economic betterment of the residents of the MD. Currently, the MD of Taber holds title to approximately 62,000 acres of agricultural land (primarily grassland). 

When the Province completes its’ transfer of lands to the MD in 2017, the MD will have amassed a land inventory of about 90,000 acres. These agricultural lands are currently and will continue to be leased to residents of the MD of Taber. 

The oil and gas industry in southern Alberta is a critical driver of the economy, providing employment and many other opportunities for MD residents. 

 It is also very important to the MD of Taber as a source of revenue for both municipal assessment and surface revenue on MD-owned lands. The revenue generated from the resource industry provides significant funds for municipal operations.

The MD of Taber takes does not take management of their municipal land base lightly. Within this section, you will find policy and lease documents that have been developed by the MD for the prudent management of these lands. As well, within this section of the website, you will find links to websites that may assist MD residents when working with oil and gas companies.

Asset Management/GIS Coordinator
Asset Management/GIS Coordinator