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Assessment FAQs

The MD of Taber has recently contracted Benchmark Assessment Consultants to assume the responsibilities as the Appointed Assessor.

Contact the Appointed Assessor:
Chris Hall

For more information about Benchmark Assessment Consulting please visit
The Municipal District of Taber has recently contracted Benchmark Assessment Consultants to assume the responsibilities as the Appointed Assessor. We encourage citizens to contact the Appointed Assessor with general inquires, questions, and concerns about your municipal property assessment.

Chris Hall

If your question relates to designated industrial property and/or you require assessment information about any designated industrial property (DIP), please contact the Provincial Assessor at the Assessment Services Branch in Edmonton at 1-780-422-1377.

Under the MGA you are entitled to see or receive any information regarding the preparation of your Property Assessment that the Appointed Assessor possesses or controls. You may request an assessment summary regarding any municipally prepared property assessment in the municipality. If you are making an official request, under Section 299 of the MGA, you may be asked to submit a completed official “Information Request Form”, along with the appropriate fee. It is important the municipality is clear what information you are asking for so it can be returned to you within the timelines prescribed in the legislation. The official request form can be obtained from the Municipal District of Taber Administration Office.
  • First, please review your property information with the Appointed Assessor to make sure the information about the property is accurate. This is the most important step.
  • Second, if you believe the information about your property is incorrect, please arrange a meeting with the Appointed Assessor to discuss any discrepancies that may affect the value of your property. The Appointed Assessor may ask to re-inspect your property to correct the property assessment if necessary.

Please note: the value shown on your assessment notice is the estimated value of your property on July 1st of the previous year.

  • If you are unable to come to an agreed property value after reviewing and discussing your property and comparable properties with the Appointed Assessor, you may choose to file a complaint with your municipality’s assessment review board clerk. Information on filing an Assessment Complaint can be found on the reverse side of your Property Assessment Notice.

Please note: If an official Assessment Complaint has been filed against a property, the Appointed Assessor is not obligated to disclose any information prior to an Assessment Review Board issuing a decision about the Assessment Complaint. If you have any questions regarding formal access to your property’s information, please ask your Assessment Review Board Clerk or your Appointed Assessor before filing an Assessment Complaint.

In order to prepare an estimated value, the Appointed Assessor needs to know about your property. The MGA allows the Appointed Assessor the “right to enter on and inspect property” so long as the owner/occupier has been given notice and informed that the intent of the inspection is to determine an assessment of the property. Information typically gathered on a property includes the type, size, age, and characteristics (e.g. heating type, plumbing fixtures, interior finish) of improvements, and the ‘property class’ based use of the improvement/property (e.g. residential, farm, commercial, industrial/manufacturing – a property may be dual purpose, residential and industrial), etc. 

Data collection may be in the form of a physical inspection, in-person or phone interview, by mail-in questionnaire or survey, or by using electronic data available through photos, land titles, etc. The MGA also states an owner has a “duty to provide information” to the Appointed Assessor when it is requested, or the property owner forfeits their right to filing a complaint about the assessment. Your assessment is only as accurate as the information provided to, or gathered by the Appointed Assessor when requested.

If you have recently purchased the property, the Appointed Assessor may ask for information about the sale to be used as an indication of typical market conditions. Questions may include: 

  • What the use of the property was at the time of sale?
  • Was it serviced?
  • Was it purchased from a family member or an inheritance?
  • Was there any personal property (e.g. appliances) included?
  • Have there been any changes to the property since the sale?

An Assessment is the estimated value of your property for the purpose of providing a basis for a municipality to levy a property tax. You may file a complaint in regards to your assessment.

Taxes are the amount of money a municipality collects from each assessed person in order to pay expenditures and transfers set out in its annual budget and as well as pay any others requisitions allowed by the Act (i.e. Alberta School Foundation Fund, School Boards, Subsidized Seniors housing, etc.). You can NOT register a complaint against your taxes.

The information on this site is a summary of the applicable legislative requirements contained in the Municipal Government Act, The Regulations, and the Minister’s Guidelines. For further information on these statutes and procedural guides please visit Alberta Municipal Affairs:

Or contact Alberta Municipal Affairs Monday through Friday from 8:15 am – 4:30 pm:

Alberta Municipal Affairs
Assessment Services Branch
15th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4L4

Phone: 1-780-427-1377

Toll-Free: 310-0000 

Fax: 1-780-422-3110