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Safety Reminder – Irrigated Roadways 🚨

The Municipal District of Taber reminds residents to avoid spraying irrigation water over public roadways. With high temperatures expected, increased crop irrigation could lead to more endguns spraying water onto highways, roads, and road allowances.

To protect infrastructure integrity and public safety, it's crucial to keep irrigation water off municipal roadways. Water on roads can cause:

  • Frost boils and heaves
  • Loss of gravel
  • Soft spots
  • Reduced friction on pavement, increasing hydroplaning risks

Non-compliance with MDT Bylaw No. 1771 – Irrigating Municipal Roadways could result in penalties of up to $400. Repair costs might lead to higher property taxes. 

Learn more about Bylaw No. 1771: http://mdtaber.ab.ca/p/bylaws

Stay safe and help us maintain our roads!

2024 Drought Management
2024 Drought Management