2024 Drought Management

In light of consecutive years marked by limited precipitation, Albertans are confronted with the prospect of severe drought conditions in the year 2024. The Province, in collaboration with irrigation districts and the Municipal District of Taber, diligently oversees snowpack accumulation, precipitation patterns, and river levels. This comprehensive monitoring aims to provide an accurate assessment of prevailing drought conditions, equipping water users with essential information to proactively prepare.

Outlined below are authoritative resources intended to apprise residents of the prevailing circumstances, elucidate measures implemented to preserve invaluable water resources, and furnish pertinent information to facilitate navigation through the anticipated drought conditions.

Alberta is currently in Stage 4 (out of 5) in its Water Shortage Management Response Plan

Click here for details of the Province's Water Shortage Management Stages

Water Shortage Management Stages - Stage 4

Provincial Resources

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2024 Dust Suppression Program
2024 Dust Suppression Program