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🚨Have you seen this sign?

Public Service Announcement: Beware of Missing Traffic Signs!

ATTENTION: all residents of the Municipal District of Taber

We need your eyes and ears now more than ever! Have you noticed any missing traffic signs lately? Stop signs, yield signs, speed limit signs, dead-end signs — they’re all crucial for keeping our roads safe and orderly. But unfortunately, some of them have been mysteriously disappearing.

Why is this a big deal? 

Well, traffic signs aren't just there for decoration. They're vital for ensuring the safety of everyone on the road — drivers, pedestrians, or anyone using our roadways! Each sign serves as a silent guardian, guiding us through intersections, warning us of hazards, and helping us navigate safely to our destinations.

But when these signs go missing, chaos can ensue. Imagine cruising down a rural road only to find no stop sign at an intersection. Without that visual cue, accidents become more likely, and lives are put at risk.

What you can do about it:

Stay vigilant! Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity near traffic signs. If you notice a sign missing or vandalized, don't just shrug it off. Report it immediately to the kind staff at the MD of Taber.

By reporting missing or damaged signs promptly, you're not just protecting yourself – you're safeguarding the entire community! Together, we can keep our roads safe and prevent accidents before they happen.

To report a missing traffic sign is easy!

📲 Submit Online via Service Tracker: mdtaber.ab.ca/p/service-tracker

📱 Download the MD of Taber App: mdtaber.ab.ca/p/apps

📞 Call the MD of Taber Operations and Maintenance Facility: 403-223-3142 — Option 4

Thank you for your attention and your commitment to road safety! Stay alert, stay safe!

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