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The MD of Taber is an agriculturally diversified and intensively farmed district, producing a wide variety of crops and livestock. Farm operations range from large dryland grain farms and grassland leases to productive irrigated farms of various sizes producing a wide range of valuable crops. Intensive agriculture has increased with the development of a number of confined feeding operations.

Several of the main crops and livestock originating from the Taber area includes hogs, beef, sheep, poultry, sugar beets, potatoes, onions, canola/mustard, oats, beans, corn, flax/barley, wheat,  peas and hemp. Better crop science and genomics have helped producers to produce higher-yielding crops. The MD of Taber has the climate, land, water and innovative agricultural producers necessary to produce harvest and market a diversity of crops successfully.


The MD of Taber is in a region that has more days of bright sunshine than anywhere else in Canada. Winters are cool but are moderated by warm chinook winds blowing from the west coast.

Aggregate Crusher Operator
Aggregate Crusher Operator