Municipal District of Taber forms new Enforcement Service Agreement with the Town of Taber and the Taber Police Service

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September 14, 2022

TABER, AB – In recent years the Municipal District of Taber’s Community Peace Officer Program has addressed community safety concerns and contributed to a safer community where we live, work, and raise families.

Recently, the Municipal District of Taber has reviewed alternative ways of providing these public safety and municipal enforcement services and has decided to pursue the option of building on and expanding an already existing (being emergency dispatch services) partnership with the Town of Taber and the Taber Police Service to include municipal enforcement services. 

During the regular Council meeting on July 19th, Council carried a motion instructing Administration to enter into a service agreement with the Town of Taber to include municipal enforcement services within the MD of Taber with an annual service cost of $160,000.00 and an annual cost of living consideration.

Historically, the Taber Police Service has hosted the dispatch and communications centre for the Town of Taber and the MD of Taber Regional Fire Services. This partnership has realized some successes and the two municipal Councils have signalled a willingness to pursue an ongoing collaboration with respect to enforcement service delivery within the MD of Taber.

The RCMP will continue to be the main police force across the jurisdiction of the Municipal District of Taber; with the Taber Police Service Community Standards Officer undertaking the roles and responsibilities that the former MD of Taber Community Peace Officer Program performed.

Some of the services being provided by the Taber Police Service include associated call-taking and dispatch, the enforcement of MD of Taber bylaws, animal control, park patrols, assistance with inspectors and officers of the MD of Taber, scene support for MD of Taber Regional Fire and RCMP, pivot over spraying, weights and measures education, a focus on unsafe and excessive speeding and other public safety traffic concerns.

The MD of Taber has recently received provincial approval for this initiative from the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General of Alberta.

This partnership will be implemented in the near future, so stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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